• Apr 1, 2021

Composite wire with enhanced radiopacity, elasticity, and electrochemical behavior

A new patent-pending technology to enhance the radiopacity (x-ray visibility) of wires is under development in Fort Wayne Metals R&D. Building upon our DFT® wire platform, this technique replaces the typically metallic core material with a radiopaque powder. Doing so may provide several advantages. In Nitinol, the radiopacity can be significantly enhanced without the cost or mechanical penalty (at high core ratios) of platinum. In magnesium, radiopacity can be achieved without inducing galvanic reactions as more radiopaque and noble metals would do. 

Cross section and X-ray images of powder-filled DFT® composite wire

For more details and a look at some early results, please read our white paper.   For more information, and to see if this technology could be beneficial in your application, please reach out to the team at [email protected].


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